[Marxism] Afghanistan War: Why Are We Doing It?

Nasir Khan naskha3 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 11:44:26 MDT 2010

Statement in the House by Rep. Tim Johnson of Illinois on funding the
war in Afghanistan.

I stand in opposition to this rule and in sincere but deep opposition
to this $63 billion massive spending bill, and particularly the war
spending component of the bill.

I speak, I believe, on the behalf of the hundreds of thousands of
brave men and women who serve America in the Middle East with neither
a defined objective nor the ability to assess victory or defeat; and
on behalf of families of our military personnel around the world who
have lost their fathers or their mothers or their sons or their
daughters in a valiant but shortsighted effort and battle that can
never be won; and on behalf of the American taxpayers who have seen
more than $1 trillion poured into an attempt to fight terror, where
there is not even a remote relationship to the welfare of the American
people; and really, also, on behalf of the innocent children who have
had the misfortune to simply be in the ever-changing line of fire and
the vicinity of terrorists who move effortlessly from Iraq to Somalia
to Yemen to Paraguay to Afghanistan like the Whack-a-Mole at the
county fair in the form of unconventional and ill-defined tribal
warfare that 2,000 years have taught us we simply cannot fight.

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