[Marxism] Cuban Communist Party expels intellectual for exposing corruption

stansfield smith stansfieldsmith at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 4 14:54:43 MDT 2010

 This article from the Guardian does not give any evidence that Morales was expelled from the Communist Party because he wrote about corruption. That is an assumption by this British newspaper, which has been repeated over and over. Similar to the "fact" that a North Korean sub attacked a South Korean ship.  Running with the lead of big busness newspapers doesn't make their claims true.
   Morales doesn't say anything Fidel himself didn't say in a speech about corruption a few years ago.  The corruption he reports on is the corruption the Cuban government is taking action on.  So why should we draw the conclusion he is expelled for reporting on the public anti-corruption campaigns of the Cuban government? That doesn't make too much sense.
    I don't know why Morales would be writing in 2010 and not in 1992 about "when" not "if" the Cuban socialist system will collapse. That really doesn't make any sense. The economic situation is immeasurably bettter than what it was 15 years ago, and if the Cubans struggled to survive those years, completely isolated, with no other revolutions in Latin America, why would Morales think they will soon now be throwing in the towel? (Assuming the English translation accurately reflects the Spanish).


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