[Marxism] India: Letters from P. Chidambaram and CPI(Maoist) to Swami Agnivesh regarding the possibility of dialogue

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25 June 2010

Ever since Operation Green Hunt was launched, there have been efforts
by different sections of the civil society to enable a dialogue
between the Indian government and the CPI(Maoist). Though several
unsuccessful attempts for dialogue have been made, what is striking is
that different government officials and ministers have continuously
dismissed any positive response from the CPI(Maoist), as empty
posturing or attempts to gain time for regrouping. In the midst of all
this, Operation Green Hunt has of course continued, bringing misery to
the lives of the people in the east-central forested regions of the

However, recently, a fresh initiative for peace and justice has come
forth with attempts by Swami Agnivesh to bring both sides to the
negotiation table. In this regard, the Home Minister P. Chidambaram
had written a letter to Swami Agnivesh laying down the conditions from
the government’s side for the talks. Although the letter was
supposedly confidential, it was leaked to the press, apparently from
the home ministry, to seemingly portray a picture of sincerity on the
part of the government.

It turns out that, more than a week back, the CPI (Maoist) had
responded to this initiative by writing their own letter to Swami
Agnivesh, which described the suitable conditions from their side for
joining the talks. However, quite mysteriously, there was no
discussion in the media regarding the Maoist response and there were
rumours that the government was attempting to suppress it. With
apprehensions that this initiative would also loose steam, the CPI
(Maoist) letter has also now reached different sections of the media.

>From the very inception of Operation Green Hunt, we have been
continuously involved in various initiatives to end the armed
offensive by the state. We have also tried to provide a platform for
discussions regarding the possible negotiations between the State and
CPI(Maoist). In continuation of this process, we are publishing here
the two letters (i) written by the Home Minister to Swami Agnivesh
(ii) written by the CPI(Maoist) representative to Swami Agnivesh, so
that there is clarity regarding the issues involved in beginning the
dialogue between the two sides.

-- Editors, Sanhati

Read the letters at http://sanhati.com/articles/2506/.

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