[Marxism] Comrade Leon Trotsky about his stay in Norway

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 5 08:10:48 MDT 2010

Grover Furr-FM wrote:
> Sven-Eric Holmstroem's research, published in the 2008 issue of Cultural 
> Logic, shows that Trotsky is, to be polite, not being truthful in this 
> account of his time in Norway.
> Personally, I do not blame him for lying. Clandestine political work 
> requires concealment of all kinds. But lying he certainly was.

You know, I actually took the trouble to read about half of Holmstroem's 
63 page article before realizing that it was mainly devoted to proving 
that Trotsky refers to staying at a Hotel Bristol in Oslo when he 
probably meant the Hotel Grand, which was next to the Bristol Cafe. 63 
fucking pages. I am embarrassed to have ever written for Cultural Logic.

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