[Marxism] Comrade Leon Trotsky about his stay in Norway

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 5 08:25:45 MDT 2010

Grover Furr-FM wrote:
> http://clogic.eserver.org/2008/Holmstrom.pdf
> It's a brilliant article that uses the "Hotel Bristol" issue to 
> deconstruct the Dewey Comm. hearings.
> You have completely failed to understand the article, and misconstrued 
> what you did read.

Well, clearly we have different ideas about brilliance:

Directly next to the entrance of the hotel, and what appears as a big 
black splotch in the photo, is actually the location of the cafe? next to 
the Grand Hotel; and it is not the Konditori Bristol! The Konditori 
Bristol is not next door, but actually several doors away, at quite a 
distance from the hotel, and was not a part of it in any way, and there 
was no door connecting the Konditori (“candy store” it would be called 
here) and the Grand Hotel! Although there was such an entrance to the 
cafe? which is blackened out in the photo, and which was not the Bristol.34


I would say that the fact that you consider this sort of thing 
"brilliant" explains why you have little to say about the pressing 
problems of American society and politics.

Quite sad, all in all.

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