[Marxism] Comrade Leon Trotsky about his stay in Norway

Grover Furr-FM furrg_nj at fastmail.fm
Mon Jul 5 08:53:30 MDT 2010

Dear Louis:

The passage you quoted is not Holmstroem's analysis.

It's the text of a deliberate lie told by one of Trotsky's witnesses 
(Esther Field), unquestionably at Trotsky's behest.

Lies are as interesting and important as the truth!

The fact that Field, and Trotsky himself, lied about this matter is very 
interesting and reveals a lot to Holmstroem -- as it would to any 

But you wrote:

>     I would say that the fact that you consider this sort of thing
>     "brilliant" explains why you have little to say about the pressing
>     problems of American society and politics.

I never claimed that Field's falsification is "brilliant." But it IS 
very significant, full of meaning.

At the risk of repeating myself:

*You have completely failed to understand the article;

* You have misconstrued what you did read;

* Holmstroem's is a brilliant article that uses the "Hotel Bristol" 
issue to deconstruct the Dewey Comm. hearings.

The article reveals a lot -- about the first Moscow Trial and even the 
second. And about Trotsky's concern to lie about the testimony there.

The article richly repays careful study by the person who wants to learn 
the truth about Soviet history of the '30s and related matters.

Understanding the history of the communist movement of the 20th century 
is vitally important for understanding and dealing with "the pressing 
problems of American society and politics", of course.


Grover Furr

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