[Marxism] Comrade Leon Trotsky about his stay in Norway

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 5 09:04:36 MDT 2010

Grover Furr-FM wrote:

> It's the text of a deliberate lie told by one of Trotsky's witnesses 
> (Esther Field), unquestionably at Trotsky's behest.

Sorry, as you can see it is difficult to keep track of such an arcane 
debate. Here's Holmstrom's refutation of Field's lies:

By contrast, in the 1937 edition of Kraks Vejviser, printed at the end 
of 1936, Konditori Bristol is located at a different address – 
Vesterbrogade 9B (see Figure 2). According to Nielsen’s article that was 
because the Grand Hotel underwent reconstruction in 1936 which had the 
consequence that Bristol was moved further down the street towards 
Colbjørnsensgade.43	These facts are corroborated by the affidavits 
presented to the Dewey Commission.44	Kraks Vejviser for 1936, printed at 
the end of 1935, shows the Bristol at Vesterbrogade 9A at the end of 
1935.45	By the end of 1936 the cafe? had moved to Vesterbrogade 9B, as 
can be seen in the figure below. This corroborates Nielsen’s claim. 
Konditori Bristol remained at this address until it closed down in the 
late 1960s.46	At Vesterbrogade 9A there were, at the end of 1936, also 
three shops: a newspaper kiosk, a barber shop and a photo shop.


So, once again I have to raise the question of why Marxists should care 
about this.

> Understanding the history of the communist movement of the 20th century 
> is vitally important for understanding and dealing with "the pressing 
> problems of American society and politics", of course.

Not really. Nobody cares one way or the other about a 63 page article 
about the location of the Hotel Bristol, or the Moscow Trials for that 

Trotsky's reputation will remain unmolested by such flea bites. The real 
reason people find him worth studying is his writings, like the books on 
permanent revolution, etc.

Those books are clearly beyond your intellectual firepower to critique. 
You want to degrade his reputation by proving that he was a Nazi spy. 
The only reputation that is being degraded is your own.

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