[Marxism] Comrade Leon Trotsky about his stay in Norway

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Grover Furr-FM (furrg_nj at fastmail.fm) wrote on 2010-07-05 at 10:53:30 in  
about [Marxism] Comrade Leon Trotsky about his stay in Norway:

> It's the text of a deliberate lie told by one of Trotsky's witnesses 
> (Esther Field), unquestionably at Trotsky's behest.
> Lies are as interesting and important as the truth!


> The article reveals a lot -- about the first Moscow Trial and even the 
> second. And about Trotsky's concern to lie about the testimony there.
> The article richly repays careful study by the person who wants to learn 
> the truth about Soviet history of the '30s and related matters.
> Understanding the history of the communist movement of the 20th century 
> is vitally important for understanding and dealing with "the pressing 
> problems of American society and politics", of course.

  Some time ago, you claimed with absolute conviction that it be proven that 
Trotsky collaborated with Hitler. 

  Looking back to the events, wasn't it then a huge error to get Trotsky 
murdered, since as long as Trotsky was alive and working, as you say, with 
Hitler, Hitler showed restraint and made a pact with the Soviet Union, making 
the USSR his main ally in the war against Britain and France, a profitable 
relationship for the USSR which could sell raw material, agricultural products 
and many more things needed for the German war effort. 

  Only after Trotsky was killed, Hitler lost his temper and waged a war against 
the USSR. Should Stalin not have taken greater care to save Trotsky's life, in 
order to maintain the pacifying influence of Trotsky on Hitler? 

  What do you think? 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany

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