[Marxism] Comrade Leon Trotsky about his stay in Norway

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 5 14:34:55 MDT 2010

So it's OK to post about the history of the USSR ? Just checking.

Right. If you think Trotsky was a "Hitlerian agent", what about Stalin
who actually indicated he would be more than willing to be included in
the Axis pact alongside Germany, Japan and Italy. He needed German and
Japanese neutrality. He wanted a stake in Poland and Finland, and
eventually Manchuria. Stalin thought joining the Axis would be a great
idea : neutralizing the anti-Komintern pact (no threat of a combined
German and Japanese attack), and more importantly, buying him time.

Because Joseph was just buying time, hoping that Hitler would deal with
France and England, and still provide the USSR with weapon technology,
while he (Stalin) kept on producing more tanks and planes.

So whatever Trotsky is alledged of doing for Hitler, Stalin actually did
and big time : helping rearm the Reich (USSR allowed weapons testing on
its territory in direct violation of the Versailles treaty), providing
petrol and coal, encouraging joint German-Soviet production facilities,

Just so that we can "get a clear historical picture", you know ?  

As for Trotsky, I dislike him for the same reasons I dislike Stalin. His
was an authoritarian personality, who would rather crush workers
uprisings (Tambov, Ukraine, Urals, Kronstadt...) rather than relinquish
one inch of the commissar's absolute authority.

Had Stalin not murdered him, he would have acted the same as Stalin. HE
would have purged the party, demanded absolute loyalty, introduced a
personality cult and become a despot. Don't tell me the logic of NKVD
rule was not already in place in the 20s. The development that flows
from one-party State rule is simple : domination of the workers and
peasants in the name of industrial development, tightening of the police
apparatus, centralization of power in the hands of the Greal Leader. 

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