[Marxism] Anarchists' perception of Trotsky

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 5 17:15:43 MDT 2010

And what is wrong with workers' power, Louis ?

What is wrong with calling for Workers' Councils to organize production
and distribution.

What is wrong with workers' democracy, from bottom-up ?

What is wrong with hating bureaucracy, militarism, police statism, ... ?

Is the fact that workers call for self-management, wrong ? It must be,
since developing heavy (military) industry is so much more desirable.

Is a  powerful State apparatus (Russian NKVD/Chinese SH/Romanian
Securitate...  ?) better at allotting tasks and forcing people to work ?

Is it normal for workers within the State security forces to receive 6
times the food rations for peasants (i.e. Trotsky, Stalin, Mao,...) ? Is
it because workers within the Security Apparatus play a more important
role than mere peasants ?

Is forcing the entire population to obey a god sign ? 

Are Anarchists wrong in promoting self-management for the working
class ? Would simply obeying orders make the workers happier ?

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