[Marxism] Formulating a path to abolish the working class -isn't it already too late?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jul 6 08:42:53 MDT 2010

S. Artesian wrote:
> If others want to play the fool... that only proves that Marxism is no 
> inoculation against foolishness. 

But Angelus is not interested in the transition period, which involves 
proletarian dictatorships like the Paris Commune with its commodity 
production. With its bakery employees continuing to receive a wage 
although winning the right to not have to work at nights. This is the 
same Paris Commune that Marx wrote about as follows:

"The working class did not expect miracles from the Commune. They have 
no ready-made utopias to introduce par décret du peuple. They know that 
in order to work out their own emancipation, and along with it that 
higher form to which present society is irresistably tending by its own 
economical agencies, they will have to pass through long struggles, 
through a series of historic processes, transforming circumstances and 
men. They have no ideals to realize, but to set free the elements of the 
new society with which old collapsing bourgeois society itself is 
pregnant. In the full consciousness of their historic mission, and with 
the heroic resolve to act up to it, the working class can afford to 
smile at the coarse invective of the gentlemen’s gentlemen with pen and 
inkhorn, and at the didactic patronage of well-wishing 
bourgeois-doctrinaires, pouring forth their ignorant platitudes and 
sectarian crotchets in the oracular tone of scientific infallibility."

I would suggest that the term "ready-made utopias" describes Mr. Novus 
to a tee.

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