[Marxism] Anarchists' perception of Trotsky

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 09:16:36 MDT 2010

I agree basically with what Mark L. wrote however it is not an abstraction,
at all. Anarchism of a million varieties are very common around the world
and, in our recent budget battle in California, they were the *largest*
'trend' among radicalizing students, at least in No. California which was
the heart of the movement. It is more than an "inspiration" but a serious,
damn, ultra-left trend of very important impact. Probably only in California
and not the rest of the US but it's serious shit out here. Just about every
major debate over tactics involved one wing dominated by the anarchist
inspried youth.

I only wish the anarchist were more like the historic anarcho-syndicalists
who at least beleived IN organization and didn't shun it.


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