[Marxism] Clinton the conspiracy theorist...

brad babscritique at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 13:37:47 MDT 2010

No, Mark.  When the former President (it was Bill not Hillary, if you
bothered to read it before claiming to know all about it), and navy
officers put forth an idea I fail to see how it can be considered a
conspiracy theory.  It would seem to be more of a policy debate.
Maybe you have a different understanding of conspiracy theory than I
do, which would explain a lot.  Sorry, but I refuse to believe that
there is no way to stop the oil flow except wait for BP to drill the
'relief wells'.  Attacking all ideas counter to this narrative as
conspiracy is quite the thing for a marxist to do.

Les, as I have said over and over, I have no idea how it would or
wouldn't work.  I am more concerned with why there isn't an actual
discussion of whether it would or wouldn't work.  Instead, it is
dismissed as conspiracy theory.  I don't know shit about geology or
physics.  I do know politics and when BP claims that the method has
"real possibilities" but is being held off as a "last resort" and Bill
Clinton uses language like "we might *have to* blow it shut with
explosives", it seems that they might have a method for stopping it
but are unwilling to use it.  And while the media is putting forth
objections to nuclear bombs being used and not even discussing regular
explosives and pushing the notion that there is nothing we can do but
wait for BP to solve the problem, it appears that they are trying to
downplay the notion that the government has a role to play in
protecting the environment.  Instead, Obama, BP and the MSM (along
with some here) are telling us all that this is out of control and
that the real experts are BP's.  I simply refuse to except that only
an oil corporation knows how, or even has it in its interest, to stop
an oil leak, or that it will put all of the necessary resources
towards that goal.

I really find it amazing that folks here think that BP is best suited
to solve this problem and that the ideas coming from others must be
conspiracy because clearly if it was possible BP and that great man in
the white house would have stopped it already.


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