[Marxism] Blowback! -- British Official Dealings With Islamicist Terror Groups

Paul Flewers rfls12802 at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jul 6 14:16:21 MDT 2010

In today's Guardian, how successive British governments made deals with
Islamicist terrorist groups.

'When the London bombers struck five years ago, many people blamed the
invasion of Iraq for inspiring them. But the connection between 7/7 and
British foreign policy goes much deeper. The terrorist threat to Britain is
partly "blowback", resulting from a web of British covert operations with
militant Islamist groups stretching back decades. And while terrorism is
held up as the country's biggest security challenge, Whitehall's collusion
with radical Islam is continuing.

'Two of the four London bombers were trained in Pakistani camps run by the
Harkat ul-Mujahideen (HUM) terrorist group, which has long been sponsored by
Pakistan to fight Indian forces in Kashmir. Britain not only arms and trains
Pakistan but in the past provided covert aid benefiting the HUM. There are
credible suggestions that Britain facilitated the dispatch of HUM volunteers
to fight in Yugoslavia and Kosovo in the 90s. Earlier, MI6's covert war in
Afghanistan involved the military training of various Islamist groups to
counter the Soviet occupation of the country. Many HUM militants were
instructed by an insurgent faction that Britain was covertly training and
arming with anti-aircraft missiles.

'One of that faction's warlords was Jalalludin Haqqani, who is now the
Taliban's overall military commander fighting the British; his past is not
something the Ministry of Defence relates to the young soldiers deployed to
Helmand province. Another old friend is the Afghan commander Gulbuddin
Hekmatyar, known as a ruthless killer, who was given covert aid and training
in the 1980s and was even received by officials in Whitehall. It was
Hekmatyar who Britain backed to conduct secret operations inside the Muslim
republics of the Soviet Union.'

Read the rest at 
collusion >.

It wasn't just clandestine help; I can recall being shown during the
mid-1980s official British government press-packs, aimed at the non-UK
press, presenting the Afghan Mujahideen as if they were the wartime French

Paul F

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