[Marxism] NYT on sources of Zionist Settler movement

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 6 22:46:21 MDT 2010

"i was also surprised to see this on the NY Times website. Norman Finkelstein calls the NY Times one of the main conduits for defense of the state of Israel in the US. This article can only be interpreted as Israel's increasing defensive position."

Of course, this being the New York Times, one also finds inane statements like these:

"As the American government seeks to end the four-decade Jewish
settlement enterprise and foster a Palestinian state in the West Bank..."

"While a succession of American administrations have opposed the
settlements here, Mr. Obama has particularly focused on them as
obstacles to peace."

"Washington has consistently refused to allow Israel to spend American government aid in the settlements." (is the NY Times familiar with the word "fungible"?)

Eli Stephens
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