[Marxism] Clinton the conspiracy theorist...

brad babscritique at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 07:29:39 MDT 2010

Nice try Mark, but FAIL.  Big foot or any other conspiracy theory has
nothing to do with how or who can stop the oil leak.  The fact that
you think it all so much conspiracy theory to discuss both ways to
stop it and the political means to do so (as well as how a left
politics can be built out of this mess) reveals your extreme economic
determinism.  It is also evident in statements like this "Revolutions
happen precisely because the system of power and legitimacy undergoes
a crisis largely of its own making...".  Sure, you try to qualify it
by saying 'largely of their own making' but the point is the same:
capitalism will bring itself down.  Or, the oil spill couldn't have
been stopped because BP hasn't stopped it yet.  Movements, politics,
workers, resistance...has no agency at all in the world we live in,
according to ML.  I am sorry but this type of thinking on the left is
what has caused its near atrophy.  There is no point where capitalism
will bring itself down by its own internal laws (remember the counter
tendencies).  Likewise, we don't know if the oil spill was and is
stoppable, but we do know that it isn't unstoppable simply because BP
tells us so.  Dismissing as conspiracy theory the idea that there
might be ways to end the spill right now is simply so much bourgeois
boosterism and left disempowerment (as is the notion that capitalism
will bring itself to a point of crisis that will spur a revolution).
This all from the guy who claimed that Marxism isn't about material
relations but about subjectivites.

Have fun waiting for it all to come crashing down under its own wait.
I'll be over here trying to push it over.


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