[Marxism] Scope and Limits of Theory: Provisional Draft

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 7 09:30:28 MDT 2010

Marx argues that the elimination of ALL social classes is the task of
the proletariat.

That is the struggle we are now, in this day and age, immersed in.

Of course, calling upon workers to abolish the wage-earning
relationship, in an age of chronic unemployment, can be seen as silly. 
But this really is an endorsement of Social-Democratic views. 

IMHO, the most important prerequisite to Communism is eliminating
servile obedience. Obedience to "the Boss" is the greatest hurdle on the
road to building confidence in the fact that workers CAN self-manage
their destiny.

Obedience to authority can only be gradually overcome as workers see for
themselves the benefits of self-management. So it is an unfolding
process and not something that can be magically put into place 

Nowadays, workers are prevented from managing their own affairs by their
reliance on Social Democratic unions and parties that seek to manage the
economy on their behalf.

Until they join Anarcho-syndicalist unions, and actively participate in
decision making processes, workers will become ever more powerless as
their own labour power, directed by Capitalism, rises above them as a
force of incredible strength that demands obedience and subservience.

Workers' own labour, objectified in the form of Capitalist
relationships, comes back to force them into compliance.

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