[Marxism] Scope and Limits of Theory: Provisional Draft

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 7 09:32:39 MDT 2010

I think it might be appropriate to mention that there are other 
mailing lists that are explicitly geared to discussing Marxist 
theory, at least in terms of how Angelus Novus understands it.

Gerry Levy set up something called OPE-L in 1995 in order to 
"discuss controversial issues in political economy." 

It is a closed list primarily geared to professors but Paula Cerni 
is a subscriber so I think that you can be accepted as long as you 
demonstrate a deep familiarity with works like the Grundrisse, 
etc. Here's the sort of thing you will find there:

> I am presenting this paper at the Association for Heterodox Economics,
> "The Economy of Tomorrow", conference in Bordeaux next month.
> http://hetecon.org/index.php?conference=AHE&schedConf=AHE2010&page=index
> It is a technical paper mostly, but the results are surprising for me,
> namely, that perhaps ten percent of surplus value seems to be all that
> was needed to sustain the world levels of accumulation of capital over
> the past century and a half. This would suggest that political
> economists need to consider ever more carefully where the other ninety
> percent goes (luxury consumption of capitalist cannot be very much of
> that ninety percent; unproductive labor could be).
> I would appreciate any careful evaluation of my work. Basically, I
> don't want to have made any mistakes, either in judgment or technique.
> Please email me if you wish a copy of the draft.
> Thanks very much,

There is also aut-op-sy 
(https://lists.resist.ca/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/aut-op-sy) that 
describes itself this way:

The purpose of AUT-OP-SY is to provide a forum in which to explore 
the changing nature of class composition and class struggle within 
the planetary work machine. To this end we encourage a range of 
contributions, from news and views to "works in progress" and 
instances of co-research (interviews, questionnaires, etc.).

I imagine that fervent supporters of the abolition of the 
commodity form would feel quite at home there.

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