[Marxism] Clinton the conspiracy theorist...

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Jul 7 10:03:50 MDT 2010

Mark Lause wrote:
> > brad wrote, "Movements, politics, workers, resistance...has no agency at all
> in the world we live in, according to ML. I am sorry but this type of
> thinking on the left is what has caused its near atrophy."
> Brilliant.
> I don't see movements, politics, workers, resistance as having any agency at
> all in the world, and my snotty attitude to brad's making a principle out of
> his Olympic level gullibility is the reason the left has atrophied.

In my experience no victim of the conspiracist virus has ever been
successfully treated for his/her illnes. Rather, as we see here, if
challenged they simply rise to ever new heights of the absurd -- in this
case a sweeping judgmnet of the whole left.

But this identification of  conspiracism as the only theory that
recognizes agency does rise to new heights of absurdity. There ought to
be some sort of prize for this.


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