[Marxism] A serious question

Ismail Lagardien ilagardien at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 7 14:09:02 MDT 2010

Hi Everyone

I recently received a very strident and critical condemnation of sorts from a 
person whom I have known for a long time and who self-declares as a liberal. 

Her basic points were that my references to “war is mass murder” and that the 
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were wrong for legal, moral and political reasons, 
were "hateful" and because I am "angry over something that has happened to me" 
(of course i am angry - people are being killed!)

Anyway, in my exchanges I have often cited liberal sources (like Chris Hedges of 
the NYT) and even one or two conservative ones (Andrew Bachevich – a 
self-confessed conservative and former military officer); the reason being that 
she and other would not dismiss my comments and claims “because I am left wing” 
or because my views are “far left”.

My friend’s criticism were harsh; she “questioned my writing” even though this 
was pure banter on facebook and she “wondered” why I was so “angry” and saying 
“hateful things”… then she reached for that last resort response of the likes of 
Fox News and Limbaugh etc. She said I should leave the US if I was so unhappy 
here. I made the point that freedom of speech in most instances included freedom 
to criticise war or policies that resulted in mass murder. I also said that 
imagine if people criticised their government's foreign policies in France, 
Britain or Botswana - AND WERE TOLD TO LEAVE....

So… Perhaps this group can tell me what is hateful about criticising the wars in 
Iraq and Afghanistan, about criticising the carpet-bombing of Laos etc. The 
issue is, actually, quite serious because I have come to feel quite isolated in 
the US. I have begun to think that I was alone in holding the following views:
	* The US has unjustly and expediently invaded and/or bombed several countries 
since the end of the Second World War
	* The  wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are simply wrong (and I have no problem 
with anyone seeking “justice” for the people who were killed in New York and 
	*  That war is mass murder – as Chris Hedges and many others have said. (I 
will, actually, submit as required reading his book: War is a Force that Gives 
us Meaning, and Andrew Bachevich’s book on “American militarism” along with the 
more mainstream theoretical texts to my intro to IR class this autumn)
The person who criticised me is actually a good and loyal friend (she stood by 
my during some difficult personal issues) but she seems to suggest that any 
criticism of the US is necessarily “hateful” and suggests that “something 
happened” that made me angry…

I am lost for words, actually… the horror is that she considers herself 

Anyway, your views will be much appreciated.

Peace, Justice for all - Always



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