[Marxism] A serious question

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 17:32:31 MDT 2010

I have thought long and hard about the problems of liberals.  Recently I
read a piece by Andrew Collier where he said that when he began to write
about liberalism he thought of them as the natural ally of Marxists, but he
came to the opposite conclusion when he looked closely at what they

One of the central problems, as Bertell Ollman has pointed out, is the
liberal inability to escape from the endless shuffle from '*everyone is to
blame*' to '*a single individual is at fault'.*  They cannot think in terms
of mediations such as classes, castes, or groups or collectives who bear the
responsibility.  Ollman's example was Billy Graham's remark about the My Lai
massacre - "We all sinned at My Lai".   The liberal alternative coalesced
around the notion that Calley was solely responsible. Not a word about the
role of the military-industrial complex.

So Ismail, your friend is disturbed by your criticism and inevitably she
individualises it and some pop psychology supplies the diagnosis - "Ismail
is deeply angry, probably because someone stole his toy truck when he was
four." It is simply too uncomfortable for her to face up to the reality of
the American ruling class exercising class power in a brutal way.

But I would not worry Ismail, she will soon move from blaming you to the
alternative that everyone is at fault as in humankind is evil et cetera.



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