[Marxism] Clinton the conspiracy theorist...

brad babscritique at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 19:30:29 MDT 2010

Okay if everyone is going to pile on me and just repeat the idea that
what I am promoting is a conspiracy theory without even engaging with
anything I am writing, you will first have to explain to me how what I
am arguing for is in fact a conspiracy theory.  What I am saying is
that those that have offered the idea that an explosion might be used
to close the well head off and stop the oil leak might be on to
something and even if they are not, clearly there must be quite a few
other means that are simply being overlooked because of high cost,
political ideology and the nature of capitalist social relations.  I
am putting forth the notion that the left should maybe use this as a
wedge to push the state to nationalize a US oil company.  This, in my
view, would hold the possibility of being a major symbolic and
ideological victory.  If the US state nationalizes one of the major
oil companies over environmental neglect it would be a president
unmatched in environmental struggles.  Frankly I care not whether this
plan is actually workable or not, merely that it represents a
political opening for the left and I have stated this from the start
of this topic.  But, I still fail to see how arguing that this might
work is a conspiracy theory.  So I will wait until Mark, Carrol, or
Lajany can explain to me how I am pursuing a conspiracy theory.  And
no I will not be discouraged by, or except as an explanation, your
attempts to cover over your errors on the matter with cheap insults.


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