[Marxism] Socialists Unite: Statement from Workers World Party & FIST

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Thu Jul 8 23:16:07 MDT 2010

On 6/23/2010 10:29 AM, Greg Butterfield dumped this Marcyite gambit on 
the list:

> Socialists across the world need to unite. The need for such unity is all the more urgent here in the U.S., because the capitalist system here remains at the center of world imperialism. A socialist front of organizations, parties and individuals -- whose agreement on fundamental questions outweighs whatever differences they might have – could greatly advance the work of revolutionaries on many levels.

I gotta ask, who do the Marcyites think they're fooling? A "joint" 
statement with ... themselves in the form of their youth organization on 
the need for "unity." A statement that purports to call for unity as it 
evades all the real obstacles to unity. A call for the formation of "A 
socialist front of organizations, parties and individuals" which could 
only be the arena for a factional free-for-all.

This from a group that is so open and honest in dealing with the rest of 
the left that it has yet to give any sort of explanation for the split 
between it and PSL. (Ditto for the pissel, but at least they aren't 
trying to blow smoke up our asses with bullshit statements calling for 

The WWP proposes the usual laundry list of "fundamental questions" on 
which there is said to be agreement among many socialists. Experience 
has shown that such "fundamental" agreement is no impediment to splits. 
Quite the contrary.

The REAL fundamental obstacle to unity on the U.S. left on a subjective 
level is the organization question. Just about every group claims to be 
the sole possessor of the sacred screed, secret sauce or revolutionary 
recipe which must be protected and defended against all heretics, 
apostates and infidels, external and internal.

These truths are so precious that "party" members are prohibited from 
ever stating their OWN opinion on any political, historical or 
theoretical subject and in fact the groups function to PREVENT members 
even having such individual opinions. Groupthink rules supreme, and when 
it breaks down, splits, expulsions and resignations inevitably follow.

(And what a joke! So-called "parties" with literally dozens of members 
spread out over a few cities in a country of 300 million people with 
nearly 400 urban areas that have at least 50,000 residents in their 
urban core, and more than 50 with 1 million people. In fact, I greatly 
doubt there is ANY of these "parties" that has at least ONE member in 
every one of just the 10 largest population centers.)

This organization of the groups around a doctrine shows that they are 
essentially sects. *Idealist* sects, even if they claim the doctrine 
they defend is some sort of "materialism."

The *fundamental* requirement for there being left unity involving these 
outfits is that the sects dissolve into the general socialist movement, 
which then can be given shape in the form of a united socialist 

Of course, WWP does NOT advocate a united organization but rather a 
"front" of groups and individuals. Let's get real. A "front" is not the 
arena for unity but rather for factional warfare between the sects. And 
given the scope of the country, and despite the microscopic size of the 
sects in that context, "individuals" -- even lots of them -- would have 
no weight in the running of the group unless they, too, were organized 
into one more faction.

Instead of a bunch of empty "fundamental questions" rhetoric, what 
Workers World needs to say is whether it is willing to let its current 
membership join a multi-current socialist organization on the basis of 
equality with everyone else, meaning, no secretive members-only "party 
within the party" disciplined faction.

IF that is the case, THEN discussions could begin on the real basis for 
a united group, which is NOT "fundamental" agreement on "principles" but 
on the contrary, PRACTICAL agreement on what the group would be doing.

Judging from their statement, the chances of this happening seem to be 
about as high as our ever finding out the honest truth about the WWP/PSL 


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