[Marxism] CNN's Octavia Nasr's firing and what the liberal media allows

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Thu Jul 8 23:56:22 MDT 2010

	The idea of the "liberal media" in relation to CNN is preposterous.

	The liberal media still exists, of course, every Monday and Friday on 
the opinion page of the New York Times when Paul Krugman isn't on vacation.

	Otherwise, the only mass media still extant in the United States is the 
*corporate* media.

	And it is a very peculiar animal. As we might say in Spanish, it isn't 
liberal nor conservative, but totally the opposite. No es ni liberal ni 
conservadora, sino todo lo contario. Que no es lo mismo, pero es igual.

	Because corporations today are not run by their owners but by 
professional "managers," members of the noble race of traveling salesmen 
who have excelled at combining ass-licking with back-stabbing.

	That this layer of almost-capitalists and wannabes is IN FACT in charge 
is shown by their obscene compensation packages, which often represent a 
sizable percentage of the overall profits generated by the company, and 
it is not unusual for a CEO to get a third, half or more as much as the 
TOTAL dividends paid out to the putative "owners," the stockholders.

	THEY have to be content mostly with the alleged growth in the value of 
their shares due to retained and reinvested profits. You know. what's 
driven the Dow Jones from the 11,000+ level it started this century with 
to the 10,100 and change closing today.

	In other words, the putative "owners" lost more than 10% of their 
investment over the past decade in NOMINAL terms, and perhaps something 
like a third or more taking inflation into account.

	The pay of CEO's is an entirely different story.

	I mention this because it is impossible to understand modern American 
media unless you understand that it is being run by arriviste nouveau 
riche twits.

	Take CNN, for example. The claim to fame of the head of CNN, Jim 
Walton, was to have led CNN's all-sports network, something he did so 
successfully that today CNN doesn't even have a half hour sports show on 
its schedule.

	He has presided over a such a collapse of CNN's ratings that not just 
Fox, but even reruns on MSNBC and CNN's own low-rent "Headline News" 
(dumbed down to "HLN news and views", what with "Headline" being a 
complicated multisyllabic compound word, and used as an adjective, no 
less) routinely get higher ratings than CNN's prime time lineup.

	The latest fiascos are the resignation of neocon Campbell Brown, too 
embarrassed to stay on the air with her ratings, to be replaced by a 
retread (the Jon Stewart torpedoed "Crossfire" under another name) and 
Larry King's decision to use the occassion of his grand 25th anniversary 
CNN celebration take a walk  rather than a paycut, which would surely 
have resulted from the dive his ratings have taken from having Wolf 
Blitzer and Campbell Brown as lead ins, as well as a significant portion 
of his audience constantly moving from the living room to the mortuary.

	The latest fad among media moguls like Walton is "social media." What 
they mean by this is reproducing the dead-tired verticalist one-to-many 
model of 20th Century mass media on the Internet. Which is why a twerp 
like Octavia Nasr was tweeting.

	What she got fired for wasn't whatever she said about that dead guy. It 
was for not being white.

	Now wait a minute, you say, CNN --and especially the International 
operation-- have lots of people of color. Sure they do. But the rule for 
staying there is to be whiter than white, like that moron Fareed 
Zakariah, with his "yassa massa" smile and inside-the-beltway Washington 
cliche opinions.

	They are today's version of Sammy Davis Jr., meant to make liberals 
feel righteous because they wouldn't mind someone like that moving in 
next door ... or at least down the street (preferably on the opposite 

	Of course, the liberals at Salon and ... elsewhere ... can comfort 
themselves with the thought that this was really JUST "ideological," an 
outrageous example of censorship and all that.

	Go ahead and believe that.

	I'm sure it'll make you feel better.

	Or let me put it more gently: the reason most intelligent Americans get 
their *news* from the Daily Show isn't because they can't tell the 
difference between news and comedy, but because they can.


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