[Marxism] Niall Ferguson and the Tories' war on history

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My daughter took her GCSE in history ~2 years ago, and asked me to quiz her from the history book, about the Vietnam war. After reading it, I told her that it is a complete rubbish, and gave her a lecture. Her response was "its landing time dad, get real. They don't want to know about progressive history, but what is  in the book!" after a long discussion, she was convinced, and got a C in the exam.
As it happened, a couple of weeks ago I met her history & politics teacher in a local TUC meeting. He actually remember her, and said that he still couldn't figure out why she got this lousy grade.

its landing time for your commentators as well.

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Hi Sebastian,
thanks for those interesting comments. There has been a bit of a debate under my blog post, with some lefties arguing that students should be encouraged first and foremost to challenge dominant interpretations of the past?and others suggesting that it is more important to create a sophisticated but sweeping progressive narrative of history.

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