[Marxism] Niall Ferguson and the Tories' war on history

Sebastian Clare sebthegooner at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 08:32:37 MDT 2010

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"My daughter took her GCSE in history ~2 years ago, and asked me to quiz her
from the history book, about the Vietnam war. After reading it, I told her
that it is a complete rubbish, and gave her a lecture. Her response was "its
*landing time* dad, get real. They don't want to know about progressive
history, but what is  in the book!" after a long discussion, she was
convinced, and got a C in the exam.
As it happened, a couple of weeks ago I met her history & politics teacher
in a local TUC meeting. He actually remember her, and said that he still
couldn't figure out why she got this lousy grade.

its *landing time* for your commentators as well."
Apologies if I'm being excessively dim, but what does 'landing time' mean?
Don't think I'm being flippant, I genuinely don't know what that expression
implies - I've never heard it before.

The story you describe tallies exactly with my own experiences of
examination here in Ireland, and the experiences of friends & family of
mine. It is history by rote, reducing learning about the past to a process
of cram&regurgitate, cram&regurgitate, with little or no engagement of the
student's critical faculties whatsoever. It is symptomatic of an education
system that remains, by and large, what Padraig Pearse railed against in
'The Murder Machine' almost a hundred years ago.


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