[Marxism] Socialists Unite: Statement from Workers World Party & FIST

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Fri Jul 9 16:29:55 MDT 2010

On 7/9/2010 11:14 AM, DW wrote:
> The meeting was run by PSL but...open to anyone with pre-arranged speakers
> from...members of WWP and other groups who united around this action. It was
> a model for united front type actions and PSL's unsectarian stance accounted
> for this. Everyone without exception was able to speak, make proposals, etc.

I'm glad the kids are learning to play nice. It is, after all, a sign of 
life and some degree of intelligence that after years (or is it 
decades?) of assiduously capturing themselves, they've discovered that 
1+1=2, and the sum does not increase no matter how many times you 
perform the same operation.

But let me be frank. I do not view any number of sects behaving less 
irrationally as a step forward, because, in terms of the development of 
a socialist movement in the United States, it is not the sectarian 
behavior of the sects that is the main problem. The main problem is the 
sectarianism inherent in the existence of the sects themselves.

They may have learned it is more politic to dissemble and pretend 
otherwise, but at its very core, each and every "Leninist" sect is like 
the immortals in the Highlander series: they fight to the death, because 
in the end, there can be only one.

Each and every one believes they and they alone are the keepers of the 
sacred flame; they ALONE preserve the true gospel of Marx, Engels, Lenin 
and Trotsky (Or Stalin, Mao, Barnes, Marcy, Marcial or whatever other 
demigod suffered himself to dwell among us).

If perchance in my earlier post there seemed to be a certain coolness to 
the appeal of these comrades, that would be because I detest the cant 
and hypocrisy of their "unity" proposal.

The ONLY kind of unity WWP is interested in is the kind the jackal has 
with its prey. And what's more EVERYONE on this list who is out of 
diapers knows it. And the WWP hacks who dreamed up this cheap stunt know 
it most of all.

What this was about was the WWP trying to pimp of the prestige of the 
Venezuelan Revolution by pretending to be the champions of the unity 
proposals of President Chavez.

They have absolutely NO intention of being a part of any socialist front 
except one under their total domination and control. They make this 
perfectly clear by insisting that worshiping at the altar of the dear 
great respected and beloved leader of the DPRK be one of the 
"fundamental" positions that all components of their "front" have to 
subscribe to.

That is the real and only possible meaning of "Internationalism means 
the defense of revolutionary governments like Cuba and the Democratic 
People's Republic of Korea," because to take a position of defending 
North Korea against attacks by the US and South Korea, it is completely 
unnecessary to characterize the north Korean government AT ALL. That 
"revolutionary governments" phase is there to let you know that you'll 
be expected to abide by the Stalinoid Marcyite idiocy of always fawning 
at the feet of everyone in "our" class camp.

And it also lets you know that you'll have the traditional 
Cominternist/Zinovievist gag rules of not being allowed to speak or 
write what you really think -- even without having to join their party. 
In other words, the sort of rules they have at CNN.

Of course, in saying all this I am counting on the comrades of the WWP 
to prove me right.

Otherwise, I've left myself completely open to their taking everything 
I've written here and throwing it right back in my face. All they have 
to do is demonstrate the sincerity and transparency with which they 
propose to carry out their unity policy. And they can start by telling 
us what the hell the split with PSL was all about. After all, if we're 
going to unite, we need to know why we're divided to begin with.


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