[Marxism] Socialists Unite: Statement from Workers World Party & FIST

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 17:11:08 MDT 2010

JB wrote:

"But let me be frank. I do not view any number of sects behaving less
irrationally as a step forward, because, in terms of the development of
a socialist movement in the United States, it is not the sectarian
behavior of the sects that is the main problem. The main problem is the
sectarianism inherent in the existence of the sects themselves."

Okay. So...while this IS germain to the subject header, it's not, at all, to
either the comments Andy made or myself. In fact, it's not a question of
"playing together" to use Joaquín's Ivory Tower looksee down on the plebes
in the quad...it's about movement politics, that is class struggle issues.
Joaquín concerns himself about the "existence" of these
groups/sects/whatevers. Sounds like a personal problem, not a political one
because the existence of these groups "in terms of development of the
socialist movement in the United States" is wholly irrelevant to me or, I
assume, others who have commented on this.

That the anti-war movement IS important (what there is of it) and other
issues...like the solidarity action in defense of Palestinians...or the
March 4th movement against the budget cuts is wholly the result of *exactly*
these "sects". Or, at the minimum, in keeping these events and actions
going. And that is more important to me than people who remain outside an
organized socialist group whining "Tsk, tsk, tsk, you shouldn't exist, don't
ya' know?". And that is JB's line since he discovered the post-1848 writings
of Marx and Engels on the subject in *their* time.

Small socialist groups...and no doubt bigger ones...recruit largely not out
of ideological agreement. They grow because young people, primarily, see
these groups as the *only* tool that can seriously amplify and focus their
own activism. They represent a continuity between actions, group activists
over a long period, and provide a forum for discussing longer term issues of
strategy and, analysis of why society is so fucked up. That WWP offers the
DPRK as an 'example' is both sad and silly and totally irrelevant to the
actions they involve themselves in or how they generally function, for
better or worse. JB really offers zilch, as is his right, and now, it seems
over so many years advocacy of the sterility of non-organization, his

Personally, I'm glad Andy's group, Socialist Action, is leading trying to
hold something together in terms of a broader based anti-war movement. I'm
glad PSL is around to give some organizational strength to solidarity
actions like last weeks action on the docks in Oakland. I'm glad my own
group, Socialist Organizer, along with the much bigger ISO, was around last
year to act as a successful mass-action counter weight to the Anarchists and
the reformists of the student gov'ts. If even a small % of those involved in
such groups followed out esteemed observer and doomsayer of sects, these
actions would be *less* vital, less dynamic and less successful. I urge
young people radicalizing to closely examine these organizations, read their
press, follow their goings on, attend their events and if they offer
something to you in terms of socialist politics and activism, by all means
take a stand and JOIN one.

David Walters

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