[Marxism] Socialists Unite: Statement from Workers World Party & FIST

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 9 17:20:29 MDT 2010

DW wrote:
> Personally, I'm glad Andy's group, Socialist Action, is leading trying to
> hold something together in terms of a broader based anti-war movement. I'm
> glad PSL is around to give some organizational strength to solidarity
> actions like last weeks action on the docks in Oakland. I'm glad my own
> group, Socialist Organizer, along with the much bigger ISO, was around last
> year to act as a successful mass-action counter weight to the Anarchists and
> the reformists of the student gov'ts. If even a small % of those involved in
> such groups followed out esteemed observer and doomsayer of sects, these
> actions would be *less* vital, less dynamic and less successful. I urge
> young people radicalizing to closely examine these organizations, read their
> press, follow their goings on, attend their events and if they offer
> something to you in terms of socialist politics and activism, by all means
> take a stand and JOIN one.

David's point is important. Although these groups are incapable of 
becoming a mass revolutionary party that will be needed to overthrow 
capitalism, they do perform a useful function by opposing capitalist 
injustice and disseminating socialist ideas.

As the late Sol Dollinger once put it:

"Frederick Engels wrote to an American that left sects perform a useful
purpose. They keep alive socialist ideology in those periods where the
class struggle is at a low ebb. For this reason I must respect the work
of the SLP, SWP, CP and a dozen other sect groups. They all are serving
a useful purpose."

I myself first learned about socialism from an SLP'er named Nathan 
Pressman who used to come up to my village in the summer to stay at 
Rabinowitz's Bungalow Colony. Every week you could see a letter by 
Nathan in the local newspaper, the Republican Watchman. (It was a 
Democratic Party paper that got its name from the professed need to keep 
an eye on the Republicans.) He would explain how the workers were 
exploited almost as eloquently as Angelus Novus.

I would say that people like David Walters are latter-day Nathan Pressmans.

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