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Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 18:43:40 MDT 2010

Louis wrote:

Opening tomorrow at BIG Cinemas in New York (formerly called the
Imaginasian Theater), Ananth Hahadevan?s Red Alert: the War Within
 reflects liberal opposition to the Naxalite movement. I suppose
I was expecting too much from the film given the alarmist title.
Indeed, ?Red Alert? is the kind of title you might see attached to
a 1950s anti-Communist movie, the second cousin of this Indian
production. At the very least, it prompted me to read Arundhati
Roy?s 25 page article Walking with the Comrades that appeared in
Outlook, an Indian magazine, last March. The contrast between
Roy?s reportage and the movie could not be more vivid, as I will
now explain.

full: http://louisproyect.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/on-the-naxalites/

We reproduced 'Walking with the Comrades' as a pamphlet which can be
downloaded or read on-line, see: http://workersparty.org.nz/

There are also some good interviews with her on the Naxalites.

The Indian government has also just brought forward legislation making it a
criminal offence, with imprisonment up to ten years, for anyone making
public statements that can be seen as supportive of the Naxalites.

One of the key Naxal figures, especially in their urban underground, was
captured last September.  We have done some support work around his case and
it would be great if others could take this up.  His name is Kopad Ghandy.
See, for instance:

Kopad was very encouraging of the merger process which formed our
organisation - it involved the merger of pro-Trotsky and pro-Mao currents.

Trotskyists need to look again at the big Maoist currents in Asia - India,
Nepal and the Philippines - and start regarding them as fellow
revolutionaries and opening up dialogue with them.


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