[Marxism] NYT: Dead for a Century, Twain Says What He Meant

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 05:53:17 MDT 2010

That sort of talk was common in the 19th century American culture, so
steeped in the ideology and illusion of self-made men and personal

In my wife's bedrock New England family, some  interesting letters turned up
having fallen behind a drawer in a piece of old furniture.  These were
between my wife's great-great grandfather off at school studying at the time
to be  a minister and his future brother-in-law already immersed in doing
the Lord's work in a little town in Connecticjut.  The good minister
informed his friend that, despite the drumbeat and official lies, only one
man from their town had signed up for the Mexican War.  The consensus of the
churchgoers was that the volunteer was the dumbest man in the county.  The
minister snarled that everybody else in town hoped the Mexicans would fill
the man with lead, as it was the only way to get anything solid into his

THAT is the world that made a Mark Twain...

We have become a kinder, gentler people since...more reasonable...less
convinced that we are individually able to make our own free choices in such


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