[Marxism] Hitchens gets Pullman wrong -- thank god! (pun intended)

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 10:29:04 MDT 2010

When I saw the Times had chosen Christopher Hitchens to review Philip
Pullman's great new novel I was appalled, and terrified that he would
praise it (as both of them are atheists, albeit the former a
reactionary and the latter a progressive) and thus make progressives
shy away from the book.
Fortunately Hitchens hated it, for all the right reasons!
Above all Hitchens can't stomach the idea that Pullman resurrects the
militant, antiauthoritiarian Jesus, and has him counterpose his
teachings to the proposal for a Church to institutionalize and thus
distort, them.
Pullman's Jesus, whatever his idiosyncrasies and irrationalities, is
the Jesus of Carl Sandburg and of Kurt Vonnegut (see
http://www.vonnegutweb.com/archives/arc_carlsandburgaward.html and
Vonnegut's "Palm Sunday.")
I'd encourage everyone to read Pullman's book, as well as the "His
Dark Materials" trilogy and the Sally Lockhart mysteries.
Hitchens review is at:

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