[Marxism] Clinton the conspiracy theorist...

brad babscritique at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 11:18:50 MDT 2010

Les wrote:
>The big problem i have with Brad's take: he assumes that sealing a WELL with an explosion means the RESERVOIR is lost. To my knowledge this is not true; a well can be lost and a new well to the reservoir can be drilled. Hence his argument falls completely apart.

If he has evidence to the contrary, I'd like to see it.

Also, i assume he knows that this well was not intended for immediate
production. I gather that exploration and drilling can often come
several years before a company decides to produce from a given well.
This is true for the Macando site.

And there still remains the technical issues associated with sealing
the well via explosion in rock. If Brad does not want to discuss the
technical challenges i don't see why he is so convinced there is a
secret scheme for sealing such a WELL that would have miraculously
saved the day for the planet but ruined the RESERVOIR for BP.

Yes, I know that sealing a well does not mean the reservoir is
lost...but it does require redrilling the well.  But BP won't have to
do that after their TWO 'relief wells' are finished being drilled (and
then they can repair the original well to have three wells!).  It
doesn't really make my argument fall apart as I never argued that they
would lose the reserve, only the well.

Yes, I know that.  So what?

I never said there was a 'secret scheme' I said the exact opposite:
that it was open and publicly documented that not only BP but
government and non government experts have said this would work.  Why
do you and others insist on attacking me with hyperbole?  If my
arguments are so weak, why can't you debate them honestly?

Also, on technical issues I have also stated, again and again, that I
am putting forth a politicial position more than a detailed plan.  To
focus on the fact that we don't know if this will work is to focus on
the technological limits pushed by BP, Obama and the MSM.  I really
expected more from this group, God knows why.  We also don't know if
climate change can be arrested and reversed by lowering greenhouse gas
emissions.  Should we not get behind that too?  Is it a conspiracy
theory?  Should we debate the science behind it and not push a
political position?


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