[Marxism] Not a conspiracy theorist, but a troll

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 16:47:03 MDT 2010

Thanks to JB for exposing the trolling. It is not just him, a but host of
others as well. Its seems conspiracy theory now is a major industry,
designed to dragoon the unknowing, uneducated looking for answers into the
dark and mysterious world of the Illuminati...and so on.

Brad here of course is trolling as his reacts a widely held and really
stupid set of idea about BP that JB speared nicely. The more "sophisticated"
version of the wing-nut crowd, however, are better read. They don't look to
BP as the culprit, rather they look to it as the *victim". They see things
like the supposed Goldman Saks selling off of BP equity prior to the deadly
explosion. This is similar to those that argue 9/11 had nothing at all to do
with politics but with a secret cabal of investors betting low on United
Airlines prior to 9/11.

These are of course all fun, and wonderfully distracting nonsense. But they
are here to stay, unfortunatly.


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