[Marxism] Clinton the conspiracy theorist...

Lajany Otum lajany_otum at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 11 19:32:48 MDT 2010

Brad writes:

> I never said there was a 'secret scheme' I said the exact opposite:
> that it was open and publicly documented that not only BP but
> government and non government experts have said this would work.  Why
> do you and others insist on attacking me with hyperbole?  If my
> arguments are so weak, why can't you debate them honestly?

Which experts, and which public documents? Oh, that's right, the ones
you told us about the other day. A couple of news websites quoting
the expert opinions of Bill Clinton, some crank from the US navy, and 
a hitherto unheard of Republican member of the House from the state 
of Georgia:

Lajany Otum 


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