[Marxism] Sect, Party, Movement, Class - II

stansfield smith stansfieldsmith at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 11 21:36:33 MDT 2010

    I read most, but not all of what Joaquin wrote. As a person who works in various movements, to free the Cuban 5, end the US blockade of Cuba, defend the independence of Venezuela, fight the oppression of Palestinians, among others, I welcome all groups and individuals who want to participate. I am interested in how they contribute to doing the work, not what their ulterior motives are. 
    I do not care if 5 of the groups think they are the true Marxist-Leninist party. I do not care if someone participates because they want to meet a new girlfriend, because they think it their Christian duty. I think that is irrelevant. What matters is the work they do and how they contribute. The better they work, the more they deserve respect. (And in these cases, I find Workers World Party deserves a lot of respect.)
    Joaquin evidently thinks that is not sufficient, that we should hold up these self-described ML groups to a special standard and call them out on their ulterior motives and their other defects. I have read nothing in Lenin that would justify his position. 
    It would seem from Joaquin's logic, we should stay away from Malcolm X because he fought for some kind of Islamic brotherhood of people, or from Martin Luther King because he fought for some Christian brotherhood. We should have stayed away from Lenin's Bolshevik Party because in it Stalnism was germinating. 
    Should we work to end the US travel ban to Cuba, and then denounce every bourgeois politician who opposes the travel ban, because they see ending the travel ban as a way to undermine the Cuban social system? 
    The only non-sectarian approach in the movement is to work with all groups and individuals who share our demands and who work with us to achieve our goals. Ulterior motives, or maybe more correctly, Joaquin's interpretation of what their ulterior motives, is and should be irrelevant.


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