[Marxism] Not a conspiracy theorist, a marxist!

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 08:23:23 MDT 2010

brad <babscritique at gmail.com> wrote: "Maybe I should pose this another way
and ask what folks here think a good tactic for politicizing the oil spill
would be?  I don't see the 'they are doing all they can to stop it' argument
as offering the left any traction.  Maybe I am wrong and others have an
approach that I am not privy to.  So enlighten me."

I frankly doubt that once you've locked yourself in an untenable position,
the suggestion's serious, but it's worth a try.

This is not a matter of finding "a good tactic."  We don't say things
because of their effect.

We want the workingclass majority to take charge of the future and must
treat it as entitled to the truth on everything relevant to its common
interests.  Experience tells us that the most damaging thing we can say
about capitalism is the truth about it.

The company said it could solve any such problem that comes up and brad
suggests that it can.  Events clearly define the claim as corporate BS.
That makes the crime of government worst than if the government was trusting
an organization that was trustworthy.

It's a process, but the truth--as they say--shall set you free.

In this case, almost everybody already understands this a political question
because the government is responsible for the crisis because it permitted
the corporation to do something it couldn't do safely.  That's the key point
in all of this.  The liberals here are trying to diffuse this into rage
against BP, etc.  But the problem's not that a corporation is composed of
greedy, dishonest characters.  You expect pirates on a pirate ship.  The
problem's that the government the workingclass supports has let the
corporation do what corporations do...  Our job is to address the issue of
that support...


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