[Marxism] Another crackpot oil spill report [WAS: Re: Russian scientist reports catastrophic break in Mexican Gulf sea floor]

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 12 13:49:59 MDT 2010

You said, "It really makes you wonder if anybody is home at CNN," but 
the worst part it that this is being done on purpose.

We all know the stuff about the russian report is bullshit. The guy is a 
crackpot that CNN's ireport staff is aware of, and at the very least 
they should have canceled his registration and pulled his pieces after 
he wiped out the Eastern half of North America in June, but the people 
running the "ireport" program refused.

The argument is that if they start filtering the reports, then CNN 
becomes a "publisher" and fully liable for the contents of the ireports, 
but without filtering it is covered by the service provider "safe 
harbor" of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

This even though anything that goes from the web page to air is vetted, 
and only a limited number of designated people are allowed to "bless" 
these "vetted" ireports.

Over time, it's become clear this ireport thing is an unmitigated 
catastrophe, and there is increasing resistance from the producers to 
putting it on the TV and promoting it despite a ton of pressure from 
management to do so. For example I get a couple of emails daily 
"suggesting" ireports to put on air.

This morning I was going to have to put one from Spain [innocuous, about 
people being happy Spain won, but a total waste of time] in my 8am show 
when at the last minute we saw that Fidel thing and ... unfortunately 
... the ireport had to be "floated" to make room.

Now to make the problem worse, the separate domain name ireport.com has 
been shut down and redirected to a section of CNN's main web site, 
ireport.CNN.com, giving even more credibility to this crap. And it is crap.


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