[Marxism] Australia's PM - Julia Gillard

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 17:59:53 MDT 2010

Caught part of Julia Gillard's address to the nation from her home town of
Adelaide.  Quite interesting actually and perhpas surprisingly so.  Her
background was in the Social Forum set up by the Communist Party of
Australia in its end of days period.  She was close to the Taft family, who
ran the Victorian branch of the Part and were bitter rivals to the Aarons
family who were in Charge of Sydney.  the Tafts were to the right of the
Aarons clan,  and it is probably from them that Gillard imbibed her Zionism.

What was interesting though was the Methodist tone of her speech.  It was
all about her family as the paradigmatic working class migrants - hard
working, law abiding, having a go, socially motivated and into the building
of the nation. Above all decent and respectable folk.  Of course the word
"class" was never mentioned.  That is truly taboo, in this the "lucky

Still what we were given was a Wesleyan gloss on the master-slave dialectic.
Here the master and the slave are reconciled and the slave seeks forgiveness
from the master for being a slave and promises to be a loyal, hard-working,
clean, god-fearing citizen. The master's part of the bargain is to morph
into the class that dare not speak its name and try not to be too vulgar
about all that spare cash and possessions.

Of course this consensus was broken in the Volcker period.  Instead of the
narrative where the modest decent working class were the heroes in the drama
of the building of the nation, we were given the billionaire entrepreneur as
the new hero.

Thus when the criminal billionaire Alan Bond won the America's cup (The
what?) in 1983, the whole of the Australian nation went into a paroxysm of
joy. We were all urged to believe that innovation, and reform with the
billionaire entrepreneurs in the lead would take us all to the happy land.

Of course it all ended badly in the disaster of 2008.  So an alternative
narrative was desperately needed. Gillard's retro act may have sounded so
old fashioned, but it would have resonated nonetheless.

So it is back to decency and hard work.  The third element of the Wesleyan
trio - "sacrifice"- is just around the corner.



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