[Marxism] Photos from Detroit and Eastern Germany

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Mon Jul 12 21:05:21 MDT 2010

Gulf Mann wrote:

>Haunting archeological photos worth a look, but the short intros >to each section contain glaring writing errors.

Your post seems to be missing a subject, a verb and an article or two. It should read "Those were haunting photos that are worth a look..." It would be better, too, to write out "introductions."

The photographers probably are native German speakers. In some languages words are placed in a different order than in English and it comes through in translation when they are using a second language.

But when they lapse into photography, those guys can really communicate things. They are like Shakespeare and Beethoven combined. That address again, for those photographs of the factories, is:


Some of those East German factories are just magnificent. At one time our capitalists approached that. When I back up to the docks at one of these pre-fabricated concrete slab crap things they throw up nowadays, I have to wonder what they were thinking back when they built those older factories.

I don't entirely agree with the photographers' assessment, that they had to promote capitalism. Perhaps there was a different ethic even among capitalists, owing to other conditions in that society. The conditions would have had to have been different even among their own little peer group.

I can picture them sitting in their club smoking cigars:

Then: "Nice looking factory, Gunther. How much much did it cost?"

Now: "How much did your new factory set you back?"

By the way, I think that once a native Spanish speaker has told you that she will love you until forever, you will never again criticize how anyone else speaks English.

Hasta Siempre,

Frank Conway


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