[Marxism] Polanski is Free!! (NYTimes.com: Swiss Reject U.S. Request to Extradite Polanski)

Mason Akhnaten mason.akhnaten at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 23:39:43 MDT 2010

> On Jul 12, 2010, at 12:05 PM, Dennis Brasky wrote:
> >
> > A rapist
> Libelous language in the strict sense of the word.  Despicable
> language in every sense.

Better despicable language than a despicable deed.
Sad to see so many people on this list applauding a man going free who, in
his 40s, gave booze and pharmaceuticals to a 13 year old, then raped her
while she was intoxicated. I understand some people on this list think age
of consent is a capitalist invention.  Whatever you think of age and
consent, hopefully it is clear that between alcohol and qaaludes, a 13 year
old is not in a position to be a consensual partner to sodomoy with someone
30 years their senior.  Regardless of the ages involved, one cannot render
consent while under the influence of drugs.
It is somewhat disgusting that someone on this list thinks Polanski is
blameless because the girl was "precocious" and"sexually experienced."  The
grand jury testimony is public record--there was a significant amount more
to the story than the girl's character.  My sister was a precocious kid at
13--in no way does that trait imply she could drink alcohol, take
pharmaceuticals, and still be in the right frame of mind to render consent.
 Making excuses for Polanski by saying the girl was precocious is the same
as excusing a rapist because the victim was wearing a sports bra and biking
shorts.  Of course, the main reason I find it disturbing: it seems the only
way one can blame the victim in this case is if one identifies with the

It is strange to see those defending Polanski stating that those on the
other side are with the "LA Pigs."  If the only news stories I saw about the
LA police were rounding up white rapists, I'd be thrilled.  This situation
seems similar to blacks cheering when OJ walked free; Polanski escaping
extradition is not going to change a damn thing for anyone in NAMBLA or any
other sexual predator.  This isn't about sodomy, it is barely about age of
consent--it is really about premeditated sexual predation.  If you take what
Polanski did (taking photos, giving alcohol, giving drugs, asking to remove
clothes for photos and swimming), no adult would be surprised that Polanski
was trying to have sex that evening.  I personally find the age difference
repugnant, but there are states where 14 is a legal age of consent.  So
again, it has very little to do with age.  It has to do with how Polanski
operated--and that was like a lecherous predator.  It is not something to

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