[Marxism] I guess Joaquín will agree, on Olga Guillot

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 02:18:57 MDT 2010

It is sad news that Olga Guillot died yesterday night. Had every worm
been like her, maybe the Cuban Revolution wouldn´t have been
necessary. Of course, and had my aunt had wheels, she would have been
a bicycle.

Now, seriously: that such a corrupt and miserable society as pre-Fidel
Cuba, a hornet´s nest plagued by pimps, drug sellers, and every kind
of maffia-type rubbish, could create people such as Olga Guillot gives
one a sense of the human capacity to overcome the most extreme

Funnily enough, if this can be considered funny, Olga Guillot not only
was famous for her extraordinary versions of "Latino" music but also
for her version of "Stormy Weather", that masterpiece by Billie
Halliday, the same Black singer of "Strange Fruits".


Néstor Gorojovsky
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