[Marxism] Polanski is Free!! (NYTimes.com: Swiss Reject U.S. Request to Extradite Polanski)

mkaradjis at theplanet.net.au mkaradjis at theplanet.net.au
Tue Jul 13 03:32:35 MDT 2010

Mason Akhnaten:
> Sad to see so many people on this list applauding a man going free who, in
> his 40s, gave booze and pharmaceuticals to a 13 year old, then raped her
> while she was intoxicated. I understand some people on this list think age
> of consent is a capitalist invention.  Whatever you think of age and
> consent, hopefully it is clear that between alcohol and qaaludes, a 13
> year
> old is not in a position to be a consensual partner to sodomoy with
> someone
> 30 years their senior.  Regardless of the ages involved, one cannot render
> consent while under the influence of drugs.

Yes to all of this, except that you are even ceding too much to the
worship-Polanski crowd: it is explicit from her testimony that the rape
was not consensual, that she was pleading the whole time for him to stop.
So even leaving aside the question of age, and of the drugging, I don't
know what the fricken hell they are arguing about in calling it
"consensual"; it wasn't even in fucked-up "nambla" terms. The age and the
drugging simply pile more on.

> It is somewhat disgusting that someone on this list thinks Polanski is
> blameless because the girl was "precocious" and"sexually experienced."

Yeh Thorstad went right over the top here and this is a good example of
where nambla-style excuses for child rape, which apparently are legit on
this list, meet and make up with normal bourgeois excuses for rape. But I
guess all that stuff about 'she was asking for it', 'look at what she was
wearing', she has fucked before ("experienced" in Thorstad terms), 'she's
precocious' (really? how dare she be precocious, whatever that means) is
so thick in bourgeois sexist ideology that we all grow up with that it
rubs off even on some "revolutionaries" and ends on on marxism lists
without any problem being expressed by anyone very much.

I couldn't care less about whether the LA cops get their hands on him now
after decades or not, nor about the legalities of extradition or not, but
Mason is right on that it is pretty disconcerting to see people on a
leftist list making these kind of excuses for violence against a 13 year
old girl (even a (shock) "precocious" one)

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