[Marxism] defending rape on a Marxism list

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 07:35:09 MDT 2010

I have read the moderator's demand of "enough" of this discussion, but
despite my immense respect for his judgment, I am so sickened by a "leftist"
defense of rape that I will gladly suffer the consequences.

Dennis Brasky

>  David Thorstad writes -
> "the woman he had sex with when she was a precocious and sexually
> experienced thirteen-year-old"
> reply -
> a drugged thirteen year old is "precocious" and "sexually experienced" -
> basically, she was ASKING FOR IT, and Polanski merely did the gentlemanly
> thing and obliged, do I have that right "comrade"? How about that for
> character assassination and criminalizing the victim?
> and then,
> "It is breathtaking to see such cohabitation with the repugnant LA pigs."
> as if demanding that a criminal face the consequences puts one in the camp
> of LA cops!   Shades of Zionist demagogy equating opposition to Israeli
> crimes with "cohabitation with nazis". What is "breathtaking" is the claim
> that rape victims must wait until socialism arrives for their criminal
> assailants to face punishment? No wonder that posts by women comrades on
> this list are rare - this is just a "Marxist" old boys discussion club.
> But let's consider the source - Thorstad, the founder of the North American
> Man-Boy Love Association, whose slogan was "eight is too late".

> I guess those eight and nine year olds were also "precocious".

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