[Marxism] Pekar and Kupferberg obits

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 09:18:43 MDT 2010

I'm very saddanedby Pekar's passing. I suppose I got caught up with American
Splendor when I saw some old, used copies at a book store after someone
noted to me..if you like the Voidoids, you'll love American Splendor. To
this day I see absolutely no connection, love both anyway, but, hey, it
worked. It is very hard for me to describe my own recation to the Splendor
series, my own life was quite different, but I felt...empathy, I suppose,
for the characters, the situation, the fucking grime of life.

The last thing I saw Pekar in was in one episode of Anthony Bourdain's "No
Reservations" a year or so ago when Pekar took Bourdain around to the all
the dives in Cleveland. LIke in the movie verison of American Splendor,
Pekar did a narrative voice over for this episode that was quite funny...in
the way that Pekar was 'funny', via his commentary on everything, like on
Bourdain himself, wondering if he was going to get paid extra for the
narration and could he possibly take the leftovers from the meals home with

Proletarian America loses another one...


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