[Marxism] defending rape on a Marxism list

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Tue Jul 13 10:20:00 MDT 2010

Dennis Brasky wrote:

But let's consider the source - Thorstad, the founder of the North American
   Man-Boy Love Association, whose slogan was "eight is too late".

   I guess those eight and nine year olds were also "precocious".
Brasky is here spreading a lie concocted by the police. Nambla never had 
such a slogan. Rather, the pro-incest group (of one man, basically) had 
an idiotic slogan that stated: "Sex by age eight or else it's too late." 
This statement is stupid on any count. But Brasky spreads the lie that 
it somehow has something to do with Nambla and with me. For shame.
     I resigned my membership in Nambla several years ago, mainly 
because the prevailing hysteria makes activism around its issues impossible.

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