[Marxism] "We Are All Jordan"...But Who Is We?

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> "We Are All Jordan," the Hashemite regime responds when anyone hints at
> tensions between the kingdom's Palestinian citizens and the East Bankers
> whose roots lie east of the Jordan river. The tensions exist, nonetheless,
> and they are acquiring a newly sharp edge as East Bankers feel their hold on
> the levers of state power slip away. Exaggerated as the feelings may be,
> there is an emerging politics of disenfranchisement that inverts the norm in
> Jordanian history, whereby Palestinians are on the bottom and East Bankers
> on top.
> Curtis Ryan investigates in "'We Are All Jordan'...But Who Is We?" now
> available in Middle East Report Online:
> http://www.merip.org/mero/mero071310.html
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