[Marxism] Photos from Detroit and Eastern Germany

FWC kw6238b at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 14 09:23:49 MDT 2010

> Gulf Mann wrote:

> Haunting archeological photos worth a look, but the short intros to each section contain glaring writing errors.

> Frank Conway replied:

> Your post seems to be missing a subject, a verb and an article or two. It should read "Those were haunting photos that are worth a look..." It would be better, too, to write out "introductions.

> Gulf Mann wrote:

> Small, Frank Conway, very small.

> Einde O'Callaghan wrote:

> This is a rather petty remark - there's absolutely nothing wrong with the sentence, grammatically or idiomatically  - I speak as an English teacher.

Oh, really? So we are teaching kids to write in sentence fragments these days? 'Just blurt any old thing out, kid, it ain't important anyway. We tried communication but it never got us nowhere.' I guess it prepares them for watching TV, with all those quick cuts they use nowadays, especially in kids' programming. Lest they have time for critical thinking. In one ear and out the next news cycle.

And what do you mean, you speak as an English teacher? Are you an English teacher, or, when you speak, you stand up and hold a piece of chalk and an eraser? You must have an interesting life... 'Um, officer, I can explain.' Please, be precise, as were the English teachers had by me.

You write that you speak as an English teacher, but I am reading those words, so you must mean some other words, unless you are speaking to someone while you are writing them. What, do you hire a boy to come in and listen to you write? What the hell you talking, I mean, writing about? Maybe it's true what they say, and write, about teachers. Lighten up, you two. You, too.

Let me restate my original point more directly. Let us try not to be so nitpickingly critical just for the sake of it, but, if you are going to criticize someone else, don't do the same thing you are criticizing them for while you are criticizing them. It sounds too much as hypocrisy, or, like Jesus said: Let he who is without sin walk this way, er, pick up your eraser and follow me, I mean, pick up your cross and cross at the cross walk, over there where we have it marked out in chalk and no, this will not be on the test.

Frank Conway


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