[Marxism] Evidence (was: I am interviewed by Brazilian socialist newspaper about my Khrushchev book)

Grover Furr-FM furrg_nj at fastmail.fm
Wed Jul 14 14:12:48 MDT 2010


> However, I did think that howling mad crap like "Evidence of Leon Trotsky’s Collaboration with Germany and Japan" was beyond the peaceful coexistence
> agreements on this list.

and, for that matter,

> Teim que melhorar muito pra ficar ruim!

To refute any argument you have to present evidence and analysis.

Even if clever, ridicule refutes nothing.

Name-calling, insults, -- in fact, anything other than evidence and 
analysis -- is an admission of incompetence.


> We all know that Hitler struck an important deal with Stalin while
> Trotsky was working with Hitler.

See "Did the Soviet Union Invade Poland in September 1939? (No, it 
didn't)", the first link at this page:


The rest of the links are evidence.


Grover Furr

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