[Marxism] blog post: A Lucky Man, Episode 4

MICHAEL YATES mikedjyates at msn.com
Thu Jul 15 08:22:32 MDT 2010

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"By the time Clyde got the letter telling him the date of the arbitration hearing, he was nearly out of money.  He’d made house payments, but the rest of the bills were overdue and food was in short supply.  His parents offered to lend him money, but he refused to borrow from a man who’d never object to what the company had done.  He had made a little money betting the horses.  He had plenty of time to study the Daily Racing Form.  The old  guy who owned the newsstand that sold the form had been a union organizer in the thirties, and when Clyde told him what had happened, he let Clyde have the Form on the house.  He started making elaborate calculations and charts, picking winners and checking his choices against the results the next day.  He placed imaginary bets, and kept track of his winnings. They were substantial. Too bad he didn’t have money to bet.". . .
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